Feature project at 122 Coppins Street Richmond.

BJP worked in conjunction with owner / Architect to construct there dream home. BJP were given a budget to work within and a design brief. Our client aims were to achieve a modern acoustically sound home. Within the hustle and bluster of inner Richmond on oasis from the rat race. The most important consideration was to retain the weatherboard facade and provide charm with the comforts of modern day living.
  Our main difficulties were working within a 150 m2 site abutting to neighbouring properties with a access of a 900 mm path side path. BJP management team discussed all elements prior to construction to ensure an efficient process.

Once construction was underway we ensured our neighbouring properties were unaffected by the works by putting our neighbouring property protection plan into place, we managed to complete without a complaint from either neighbour.
During the finishing of project we were faced with further challenges of installing seven Skylights all with Plaster Lined Shafts facing North to flood the interior with natural light, as the property was facing East / West, other challenges also included vaultered Trussed ceilings integrated Laundry Shute full Marble Ensuite as per our brief a full acoustic package including all double glazing sound deadening insulation through out wrapping of all interior plumbing, the end result is a home that is efficient to heat and cool and feels a million miles from the inner suburbs.

This is a prime example of how BJP can make your dreams reality.