BJP Constructions seek to understand, manage and continually improve the quality
of our product, processes and systems, with respect to both our clients and
community requirements.

We commit the supply or materials, products and services, will meet a standard,
which meets or exceeds expectations and conforms to all contractual and regulatory

We have quality objectives based on our reputation and client expectations. Future
focus on innovation, elimination of waste and minimisation of loss.

We always employ or contract people with the appropriate training awareness of our
quality principles.

Quality is fundamental to BJP Constructions on all levels of the organisation.
BJP Constructions are committed to achieve high standard of care for the natural
environment and community where we do business in.

We undertake to minimise our impact by conducting our operations in compliance
with all relevant environmental regulations, licenses and legislation as a minimum

All employees and contractors must identify, monitor and manage any environmental
performance, production processes and waste management.

We must communicate regularly with employees and contractors about our aim and
about individual responsibilities.

Inform our clients, neighbours and suppliers of our aims and encourage feedback.

I must review my safety performance, and continually seek opportunities to improve.

Ensure I know what my job really is, how it links with the objectives, and my workmates.
Show others the same respect in regard to their jobs, where they fit, and how they are going.

Consider myself in others’ shoes when deciding courses of action.

Engage people in discussion regularly.

Trust others to show their skills, support them, and allow them to develop their full potential.

BJP Constructions aim to achieve an incident free site by ensuring all duties are
performed correctly from the outset. All incidents must be reported, investigated and
when necessary, corrective actions are to be implemented.
BJP Constructions will:

• provide safety and healthy working environment for all employees,
contractors and visitors by;

• all on site must identify and asses and then either eliminate or control all
hazardous to safety and health.

• BJP Constructions must conduct their operations in compliance with all
relevant legislation, regulations, standards, licenses and codes.

• All workers on site must ensure that there is effective involvement and
open communication on all safety and health issues at all times.

• BJP Constructions requires all employees, contractors and visitors to
abide by all rules that have been put in place for everyone.

• We encourage everyone to make this commitment to Safety & Health
from their workplace to their homes.

In the event of an emergency ring 000
Fire, Ambulance or Police
Tell the operator you need to URGENTLY
contact the Fire, Ambulance or Police or ALL three.

You will be asked the following:
• Name of the caller
• What site address is affected
• Contact phone number
• Brief description of the event.

You make ONE phone call only to activate the crisis and can then devote your
resources to managing the emergency in site.

BJP Constructions believes that a safe workplace is through a developed safety
culture where all workers show a genuine desire to protect not only their own safety
but also the safety of all fellow workers.

We believe workplace incidents and illnesses can be prevented.
A safe construction site is a fundamental objective to our business.

I will lead by example and adhere to all safety requirements.

We will ensure all tasks are well planned and identify and minimise risk.

A safe workplace must be clean, tidy and organised.

Take personal responsibility for safety of self and workmates, while crating
opportunities to always improve safety awareness, behaviours and attitudes are
critical to safety improvement.